05estudio is a multi-disciplinary team mainly composed of architects & interior designers. The Estudio, founded in 2003 and directed by Jose Luis P.G the Creative Manager, produces strictly contemporaneous architecture, committed to the responsible use of natural resources. Its coherence is based on a particular work methodology, which deliberately avoids drafting a style or formalisms.

At 05estudio, we design solutions with strong aesthetic force through the use of simple and creative components.

In each project we use the essential materials and select those which are adapted to the design and the personality of the project.

Our projects maximize the possibilities of the spaces with treatment which respects these. If there are any original components of the spaces which are forceful and have personality, we endeavour to conserve these. Contemporary components "dialogue" with the originals while not intending to imitate these.

The contrast of the new and the old is the best way to boost the values provided by each epoch. The projects are conceived not as a fleeting current, but as a number of conceptual principles, elegance, aesthetic purity and functionality where the simple takes priority over the complex, and authenticity over appearance.

For 05estudio the challenge of a project consists of developing the simplest idea possible but which is capable of expressing a concept, an emotion, or a sensation.